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Visiting the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna

Taking a holiday once in a while is refreshing and a great way to reward yourself. If you are planning on visiting Europe but you are not sure about where you want to go, you should consider Vienna. With a rich historical and cultural heritage, you will be amazed by how beautiful things can be. There are also plenty of other things to see and do. 

A UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site

The Schonbrunn Palace is a rich cultural heritage in Vienna and this is the reason UNESCO declared it as a World Cultural Heritage Site. This importance also contributes to the fact that it receives millions of visitors every year. 

A Total of 1,441 Rooms

This is a gigantic palace and this is one of the things that make it unique. You can only visit about 40 of its rooms which is about 3 percent of the entire palace. Some of the highlights and features of the palace that will amaze you including but not limited to gilded ornaments; big mirrors, crystal chandeliers, and frescoes ceilings. 

Other rooms that are a must-see include the Bergl Rooms, the Walnut Room, Franz Joseph’s Bedroom, Elisabeth’s Salon, Garden Apartments, Marie Antoinette’s Room, a room where Mozart performed for the Empress and the Tirolian Garden. The rooms are intricately designed and richly furnished. You get to learn how the rulers lived their lives.

Rich Historical Heritage

The palace boasts a rich historical heritage. It was inspired by the French Versailles and is the birthplace of Emperor Franz Joseph back in the year 1830. It was once the summer home for Habsburg rulers. Besides the historical heritage of the palace, you also learn about how Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth Salon spent their lives.

The Beautiful Gardens

Once you have explored the palace, it’s time to enjoy its beautiful gardens that sits on 500 acres piece of land. There are numerous flowers and 44 marble sculptures that date back to the 18th century. As you walk on the numerous paths of the garden, you will be surprised by how spectacular it is.

As you visit Austria and enjoy what the beautiful country has to offer, you should visit the Schonbrunn Palace which dates back to the early 18th century. The palace is just a few kilometers from the city of Vienna and it’s advisable that you arrive early if you are to take the Grand Tour at your own pace.