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Taxi Safety Tips for First Time Travelers

Traveling to a new place can be exciting for some and nerve-wrecking for others. However, you cannot be too sure what to expect even if you have done a bit of research. Sometimes people, especially taxi drivers, are not nice. If they figure out you are a first-time traveler, they tend to take advantage of the situation for the benefit of themselves.

But you don't have to always use a taxi. Uber has taken the world by storm and is usually cheaper and provides better service than taxi's. Another option is to buy a cheap car and use it to drive yourself around. You can always look for a cash for junk car service to help you recoup some costs when you are leaving the country too.

But if these options are not for your liking and you are intent on using taxi's on your next trip please read on. Listed below are taxi safety tips to make your first time experience as pleasant and seamless as possible.

Order a Taxi

If it’s your first time visiting a place, it’s always advisable to order a cab from a well-known taxi company. This not only ensures your safety but also give you peace of mind. Call up the taxi company and ask to book a taxi for your scheduled arrival date and time.

Also, if you happen to forget anything in the taxi, tracking the cab used is relatively easy. These companies have all orders stored in their databases. So this means they have all details of the ride such as who ordered the ride, what time, cab used and the driver, designated destination and so forth.

Ask for the Price or a Range Before Hopping in

To avoid innuendos and baseless arguments as well as being ripped off, ask the price to your destination first. If you order for a pickup, request for a quote.

Familiarize Yourself with the Local Currency

If you are clueless about the local currency, you can easily lose money to unscrupulous taxi drivers. Further, never be tempted to pay in your home currency. If you don’t want any surprises on your credit card statement, always pay in local currency.

Additionally, don’t carry too much cash with you.

Don’t be Too Friendly with Cab Drivers

Being overly friendly with the taxi drivers can easily be misunderstood, which can put you in an awkward and sometimes dangerous situation. It’s okay to talk with your driver in a laid-back, casual manner, but don’t overstep or give out personal information. And always ride in the back seat.

Get Out of the Taxi if You Feel Unsafe

If for some reasons you start feeling uncomfortable or unsafe in the taxi, request the driver to stop, leave the money and get out of the cab. Never try to look confident when you feel something is not right.