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While visiting Canada, you could be wondering what you should see and the activities that you should not miss out on. With 17 World Heritage Sites, you are assured that Canada has so much to offer to its visitors. This explains why the country accommodates millions of tourists every year. 

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Now onto the attraction!

Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal

No, this is not the Notre-Dame in Paris. This basilica in Montreal is an amazing structure that is one of the most popular attractions in the country. It’s a privilege to hold a wedding at the Sacred Heart Chapel here. One of its highlights is the altar that has 32 bronze panels in it. The panels represent birth, life, and death.

Banff National Park, Alberta

This is not only home to wildlife such as grizzly bears and wolves, but it is also home to Lake Louise. The view of the turquoise water with snow-capped mountains in the background is mesmerizing. Besides the beautiful scenery, there are numerous outdoor activities to engage in such as walking, hiking, skiing, and biking.


Niagara Falls, Ontario

How will a trip to Canada and specifically Ontario be complete without visiting Niagara Falls? This turns out to be one of the most famous waterfalls in the world. Although it is famous for falls, it offers more than stunning views. Whether you prefer playing golf, taking a jungle adventure, visiting the butterfly conservatory, capturing the moments or boarding a whirlpool jet boat, there is always something that you can do.

Rideau Canal

This is a scenic waterway in Ottawa that is a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site and there are numerous ways that you can explore it. This is home to the Bytown Museum for history lovers. To explore the canal, board an electric cruise boat, go biking, enjoy paddling, and skate at the largest skating rink in the world (Rideau Canal Skateway).

The CN Tower

This is one of the most iconic structures you can visit while in Toronto and Canada at large. It plays a significant role in defining Toronto’s skyline as it stands at 553.33m. The highest hands-free external walk in the world is here. From the walls, the floor to the elevators, almost everything is made of glass. Besides, enjoy spectacular aerial views of Toronto and beyond, you can dine at the 360 restaurants and enjoy many other types of entertainment.