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Sometimes, depending on where you are traveling from and to, your accommodation can actually cost more than the flight. You have to get to your travel destination and you need to have a place to stay at because all immigration forms you fill out and officers ask for an address. There are places that you can stay at for relatively cheap and accommodation that you do not have to pay for. These are just some of the options you can choose from.

House and Pet Sit

Some people go on vacation and require pet sitters and house sitters depending on the duration of their stay. If you have no aversion to pets and don't mind staying in a house owned by people you don't know, then you can register for these gigs. If you do an internet search, you can come across numerous house sitting and pet sitting jobs in different countries. You stay for free and some of these persons pay you so you actually get a small stipend whilst on vacation for doing little or no work. You may have to pay a small fee though to register for these sites but compare paying $10 to spend hundreds.

Travel with Someone

People always advise that you travel alone to find yourself in a new country and have a new experience. This is good for people that could actually afford these adventures. But if you want to travel frequently and are low on cash and on a budget, travel with someone rather than alone. If you travel with someone or multiple persons, most hotels charge per room rather than per person and villas or guest houses charge for the entire accommodation. So rather than spend all your money on paying for one room, invite several friends to go with you.

Stay in a Hostel

Hostels are becoming very popular because they are very cheap accommodations. Staying in a hostel means that you get to make friends and you save a lot of money. You can also find an odd job at a hostel to help supplement your stay. The thing is that often the cheapest rates are shared accommodations. If you have no problem rooming with multiple strangers than a hostel is a good place to start. If you are a bit older, you can stay in a hostel but choose a private room.

Look for Coupons and Specials

A good thing to do is sign up for newsletters and alerts from hotels and booking websites especially if you want to get good deals. These can be annoying but worth it especially when you can get a room for 50% off the cost price. Some airlines reward their loyal members with discounts for partner hotels and certain credit card holders are eligible for discounts at certain hotels. The key to finding a good discount is to search for it. If you search for it especially in off peak seasons, your hard work would be well rewarded.