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Items That You Will Never Be Able To Get Through Customs

Traveling is usually fun and exciting because you are going to learn a lot about the tradition as well as the custom’s of the locals in the region you are visiting. While you are there, you are going to buy a thing or two. Of course, buying these things are legal, but take them with you to your home country can be a real problem. So it will be best you don’t purchase certain items during your travels.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some item that you will never be able to get through customs.

Certain plants

It is not every plant that is going to be allowed to into your home country. What you should do therefore is to make a list of all the plant items in your possession so that a customs official can examine it. You are definitely going to need a permit to carry items like nursery stock and seed. Of course, there are other items you cannot carry like a weed that spreads quickly.

Ancient artifacts

You will not be allowed to travel with an ancient artifact that has probably been stolen from a museum or a church. You are going to need a permit in order to for you to be allowed to carry certain artifact.


Bush-meat form wildlife in Africa or soup that is made with them will not be given a green light by customs officials. The reason why is that, most of these items are covered with germs and pathogens. Dried meat that is canned also has to go through a very extensive scrutinizing process before they will be accepted. Another reason why most countries don’t want these items is that they may have disease pathogens in them that can affect the local life stock in the region.

More than ten thousand dollars

In order for you not to get into any trouble with customs officials, you need to report all the cash you have on you. If customs officials later found out that you have more than ten thousand dollars in your possession, you are going to be in very serious trouble.

Goat hide

The hide of some goats is used for making drums. Of course, it might be fun to play these drums, but you need to keep it to heart that you will not be able to travel with it. And this is because it is among the list of items that the CDC has restricted.