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Taking a holiday once in a while is refreshing and a great way to reward yourself. If you are planning on visiting Europe but you are not sure about where you want to go, you should consider Vienna. With a rich historical and cultural heritage, you will be amazed by how beautiful things can be. There are also plenty of other things to see and do. 

A UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site

The Schonbrunn Palace is a rich cultural heritage in Vienna and this is the reason UNESCO declared it as a World Cultural Heritage Site. This importance also contributes to the fact that it receives millions of visitors every year. 

A Total of 1,441 Rooms

This is a gigantic palace and this is one of the things that make it unique. You can only visit about 40 of its rooms which is about 3 percent of the entire palace. Some of the highlights and features of the palace that will amaze you including but not limited to gilded ornaments; big mirrors, crystal chandeliers, and frescoes ceilings. 

Other rooms that are a must-see include the Bergl Rooms, the Walnut Room, Franz Joseph’s Bedroom, Elisabeth’s Salon, Garden Apartments, Marie Antoinette’s Room, a room where Mozart performed for the Empress and the Tirolian Garden. The rooms are intricately designed and richly furnished. You get to learn how the rulers lived their lives.

Rich Historical Heritage

The palace boasts a rich historical heritage. It was inspired by the French Versailles and is the birthplace of Emperor Franz Joseph back in the year 1830. It was once the summer home for Habsburg rulers. Besides the historical heritage of the palace, you also learn about how Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth Salon spent their lives.

The Beautiful Gardens

Once you have explored the palace, it’s time to enjoy its beautiful gardens that sits on 500 acres piece of land. There are numerous flowers and 44 marble sculptures that date back to the 18th century. As you walk on the numerous paths of the garden, you will be surprised by how spectacular it is.

As you visit Austria and enjoy what the beautiful country has to offer, you should visit the Schonbrunn Palace which dates back to the early 18th century. The palace is just a few kilometers from the city of Vienna and it’s advisable that you arrive early if you are to take the Grand Tour at your own pace.

Know the Level of Adventure

You have the level of adventure that you want to experience on your travel. Different activities and different destinations will give varying levels of adventure. Knowing the experience that you are looking for will help you in finding the most suitable destination. 

Pack What You Need

Some of these adventures will require you to have special gear. For example if you are going scuba diving, you will require special gear unlike when you are taking a walk. Pack what you need in advance and only what you need. Besides the clothes that you need, you should not forget packing a first aid kit and toiletries. You can have a checklist of all the things that you need.  

Choose from Several Destinations 

The destination that you choose is determined not only by the experience that you are looking for, but also on whether you are traveling alone or with other people. You can research on several of them and choose the one that you feel suits you the best. 

Enjoy Your Travel

Weekend is a short time to go on an adventure but you can make the best out of it. You can have fun even when alone. Your main reason for going on the adventure is to have fun thus you should not disappoint yourself. 

You Don’t Have to Go Alone

There will probably be other people going to the same destination as you and want to have the same experience. Join them. You can find out about this from your tour agent.

When going on an adventure, you need to know your strengths. In spite of the fact that you want a thrilling experience, you should not push yourself too hard. Know your limitations for your own safety. Do not deny yourself the chance of enjoying. If anything, this was the only reason you were going for that weekend adventure.

When traveling, what matters the most is the adventure you engage in and the experience that you get. Backpacking is one of the most popular ways to see the world’s beauty without spending lots of money.  


You do not have to wait for a lifetime to go on a luxurious holiday. The best thing about backpacking is that you do not have to be experienced, you can do it as a beginner, alone and still enjoy all there is to enjoy.  


  • Have A Checklist 


If you do not have a checklist of the things that you will need when traveling, you will end up being disappointed and not enjoying your trip to the maximum. Research on what you need for your backpacking to that destination, write everything down and you can even speak to experienced backpackers.  


When packing your essentials which should be days prior the trip, tick on the checklist what you have packed. This way, you will not leave anything behind.  


  • Packing Your Essentials 


You will need to pack your essentials and the secret in this is to pack light. Your essentials should not be an obstacle in your adventure. Pack only what you need the most such as food, water, a blanket, tent, first aid kit, knife, sleeping bag, a flashlight and a map among other small things that you must use. Carrying unnecessary stuff will only make your adventure more challenging.  


  • Have Some Basic Survival Skills 


Backpacking means that you will be spending most of your time outdoors. There come challenges with this and you should be ready for any kind of experience. For this reason and to enhance your safety, learn some basic outdoor survival skills while at the same, have a first aid kit.  


  • Always Plan Ahead 


Planning ahead will save you time and the last minute hassles. Besides packing, you should be ready for the weather condition in that destination. Know what kind of environment that you will be in and plan accordingly. It’s important that you are aware of the weather so that you can pack the right clothing.  


Whether you are going backpacking with your friends or alone for the first time, you should be ready for the adventure and to have fun. Nothing should limit you as you travel. It’s about creativity and what you are looking for. It is a good chance for you to create your own experience.  


Two things that you should never forget are to plan everything in advance and having a checklist of the most basic things.  

Everyone wants to travel but most people aren't exactly sure where they want to go. All they know is that they want to travel. Travel can be rewarding and worth it if you know what you want and what to expect. It is difficult to plan the perfect vacation but it can be achieved. Whether you decide to do it you (DIY) or hire a travel agent, the possibilities of a new adventure are endless.

Start with a Bucket List

You can probably describe a bucket list as a wish list of ideas or things you want to do before you die. A travel wish list may have ten to fifty destinations you want to visit before you die. If you are single and have no kids then the destinations don't necessarily have to be kid friendly but if you are a parent and want to take your kids with you then, make sure the destination is kid travel-friendly. Write down any country, city or place you ever wanted to visit and you have started your personal bucket list.

Plan your Travel Dates

So you have your list, what's next? You obviously have to get time off from work. If you're fortunate though to be self-employed then you will still need to plan ahead to take time off your schedule. So once you get your vacation approved or choose the most suitable days, decide what dates you want to travel on. Do you want to spend your entire vacation in another country or would you prefer to have a few days off in your home country? The choice is up to you and how much you think you can handle.

Choose a Destination

This may be the most difficult task especially if you have a list of fifty items. Now that you have your dates, if the price is important to you then you search the prices of traveling to all fifty destinations. If you're excited and determined it can take you a maximum of two days to do this. If there are multiple destinations with the same low price, put all destinations in a bag and chose one. You can also randomly choose a destination from the list if money is not an issue and book your flight and hotel.

Start your itinerary

Your destination is chosen and you have booked, the next step is to plan your itinerary. It is usually advised that you book a couple weeks in advanced. If a Visa to the destination is required, secure your visa before booking a flight. Some embassies and consulates like to see an itinerary so it is a good idea to start your itinerary before your Visa application if you need one. Research the country; find out what's popular in terms of food and entertainment and how locals get around. If they don't speak your language then maybe you need to download a special application. Once you figure out what you are going to do estimate how much it would cost you.